Grady Wallace is a stencil and spray paint artist. He first started stencilling back in  2014 and has been at it ever since. Going from basic stencils to heavily detailed layers with paintings ranging from 3 to 27 stencils on a single piece. Each layer Grady creates is hand cut, simply using some paper and an Exacto knife. Gathering inspiration from Canadian wildlife and other artists such as SNIK and Martin Watson are somethings that contribute to his unique style of art. In late 2016 He started to brand RAD ORIGINALS. Rad originals is a brand the revolves around originals concepts and and something new and unique to the audience, a brand for those who strive to be different from the rest. Wallace is featured in the Udell Xhibitions gallery in downtown Edmonton. Over the last year he has painted multiple murals in Edmonton as well as designing a room at Crash Hotel a few blocks away from Rogers Place.